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<1> Moirallegiance is the best quadrant end of story
<2> It’s like the official thing for friendlove and that is wonderful
<3> It’s also like the only happy thing about Homestuck
<4> Every moirail pair should be represented in HSWC (we can’t do <> pairs that already have a team, but that’s fine because they get an entire team devoted to just them. We’re here for all the pairs that don’t get a team all to themselves.)
<5> Moirallegiance allows great character introspection – they’re keeping each other sane and alive and okay, they know all the other’s secrets and love them despite and for them, they can calm each other down or make each other smile
<6> CUTE. Seriously, who doesn’t love pale cuddles and jam piles? (pale dates, pale proposals, pale snuggles, pale kisses, pale weddings, the list goes on but it’s all ADORABLE)
<7> Can be just fluff, or a lot deeper and more intense – SO COMPLEX. Like seriously.
<8> You can get by between or entirely without romantic relationships, but what would you do without friends? Humans tend to underestimate and even ignore the importance of friendship. Trolls, on the other hand, have an entire quadrant of love dedicated to it, and this is a team that will be entirely devoted to showing the world the importance of moirallegiance.
<9> Diamonds are everyone’s best friend :)

<> join ussssssss. <>
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Hello world, I am dustkitty. I made this Dreamwidth account to participate in the Homestuck Shipping World Cup 2014. If a few more people join, I’ll be the Friendleader of TEAM<>MOIRALLEGIANCE!
I don’t know what I’m doing.
My tumblr is danticat. The two cat-related names were totally unintentional. Feel free to say hi to me if you want to.


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